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Steve Goodall. I started working with dogs by studying under Steve Mann (IMDT, Skys Pet Nation and BBC’s Who Let The Dogs Out?). I then went on to volunteer at the amazing Scallywags school for dogs for a year before being given a place as an instructor. I have over eight years experience working with dogs. I'm a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and in November 2016 I have an assesment with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) to become a member. I am also canine first aid trained. Other short courses and seminars i have attended include; 'Simple solutions for common behaviour and training problems' (Ian Dunbar), 'Life skills for puppies' (Animal behaviour clinic University of Lincoln), 'Dog emotion and cognition' and 'Animal behaviour and welfare' (Coursera).


Corrin Goodall. My passion for all things dog just keeps growing. I am currently studying with the IMDT (2016-2017) this course is an OCN gateway accredited level 4. I have done several other short courses and seminars which include; 'career as a dog trainer' (IMDT), 'Life skills for puppies' (Animal behaviour clinic University of Lincoln), 'Dog emotion and cognition' and 'Animal behaviour and welfare' (Coursera). Also lots of webinars and countless reading in my spare time. I joined Steve's Business at the beginning of 2016 after shadowing his teaching for a few years whilst he built up his business and i wound down mine. It was something we always talked about doing and its an exciting time putting ideas and plans to action. I have just become an honorary member of The Association of Into Dogs.


Steve and Corrin are Force Free Dog Trainers and are passionate about Dogs. They only use positive reward, science based training methods. We keep up to date by constantly educating ourselves and reading the latest studies and books that science has to offer. Our aim is to help you understand your dog and how to get the best out of your relationship. The outcome will be a calm, confident well behaved family pet.


We have a passion for dogs and in our own time love to go on walks, camping and indulge in training session/classes with our boy Scooby. He is a rescue Dalmatian x Border Collie. He is a lively chap, full of character and fun. We have learnt so much from him being in our lives.