Cheryl Hill - We got Steve & Corrin on board as soon as Dylan joined our family at 12 wks old. I had never had a puppy before and as I was going to be with him for most of the time, I really needed expert guidance and support as i was feeling quite overwhelmed and nervous about bringing a puppy into our home.

I needn’t of worried, Steve and Corrin were amazing and really helped us to understand his behaviour and how we can incorporate positive reward training into his daily activities. I was astounded by the results of what Steve and Corrin had taught us. I cannot state enough how invaluable their in-depth knowledge and expertise has helped me in building my confidence in handling all the challenges a puppy brings! By starting that training early on and immediately after getting him, no bad habits were formed from my inexperience.

I would definitely recommend to start training as soon as you can. It really is a worthwhile investment, so much so that Dylan is now 5 months old and is a thriving, happy and confident young puppy, with an equally happy and confident owner- massive thanks to you both! I know we will meet new challenges along the way, but thankfully I have the training and grounding that Steve and Corrin have given, which will enable me to handle those situations much more confidently.

Both myself and Dylan are looking forward to more fun and learning in the Advance classes so see you all very soon

Ann Brown - We are so pleased we asked Steve to teach us how to train our cavapoo puppy, Zak. Each week we and Zak learnt so much in an enjoyable and relaxed way. He has set us off on the right road and his advice has proved invaluable in so many ways, especially with our 3 young grandsons. Zak really bonded with Steve and loved his visits and, of course, the tasty treats Steve always had in his pocket! We would highly recommend Steve without hesitation.

Charlotte Paterson - We love the classes we do with Steve and Corrin. We have learnt so much and have seen an unbelievable amount of progress with our fur baby since we started. We’ve just finished recall training which has been invaluable! Giving us and our pup the control and confidence to get the most out of walk time. Thank you so much �

Briony Harmes - Our little border terrier puppy did both the puppy training class and the recall classes with them. Both Steve and Corrin were fantastic. Wesley (our pup) learned loads in the training class, and it was great to get him socialising with other dogs from an early age. The recall classes were even better. It gave us the confidence to know the best ways to get him to come back to us when out and about on walks. Would recommend both classes to anyone with a puppy. They also introduced as to sprats � which are now Wesleys favourite treats!! �

Beverly Birks - I can't recommend Steve enough. Having never had a dog I was unsure where to start with even basic puppy training. We booked a course of lessons for Steve to come to our house which was much more flexible and convenient than attending a class. The children were then also able to learn the same techniques. So it was fun for all the family and we all enjoyed the lessons so much that we booked further sessions. Needless to say Florrie enjoyed it the most...

Duncan Whitfield - I'm pleased highly recommend my friend Steve Goodall's dog training services! We've just started our sessions with him and his partner Corrin and Jose is thoroughly enjoying it!  As are we. If you are looking for a dog training service. Look no further

After a recommendation from a friend we signed up for Steve and Corrin’s puppy class. Our Dalmatian puppy Ringo is a live wire and we weren’t sure what to expect, worried that he might run around like a banshee and disrupt the lesson. We needn’t have worried as Steve and Corrin were brilliant and Ringo soon settled and loved the activities, so much so that the class became the highlight of his week. Steve knows his stuff and his approach is calm, humorous and informative. Being a realist he understands the everyday issues facing dog owners. We learnt loads of great strategies which have made a real difference to us (and to Ringo). Steve and Corrin understand the personalities of different breeds and tailor their delivery to the owners’ requirements, which is great. If you’re not sure who should support and advise you in training your dog we would recommend Steve and Corrin wholeheartedly.
Neil & Alison Waite